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Laundry Genius is not your typical coin-operated laundromat!

We are totally coinless and offer 2, 4, 6 and 8 load virus-control certified washers as well as 5 load dryers – we can handle your biggest loads!

​You can get a days’ worth of laundry done in about an hour while you enjoy a safe, clean laundromat and a hassle-free experience with comfortable seating and free wi-fi.

why choose us?

clean & safe

Spotless & Secure: Your Trusted Haven

fast & modern

Zooming Ahead: Quick, Smart, and Sleek Laundry

friendly & propfessional

Cheers & Expertise: Your Laundry Crew

Our Pricing


Our machines are categorized by load capacity, offering choices from small to large loads, each designed to accommodate different volumes of laundry efficiently.


About 2 loads

Happy Hour! Tues, Weds and Thurs 9am - 11am. Save $0.50 on small washers, $1 on medium, $2 on large and $3 on extra large washers!

Our Pricing


Choose from our range of dryers based on your drying needs, each with initial time settings to cater to different load sizes.

#39 thru #48


to start the dryer for 15 minutes

#49 thru #70


to start the dryer for 25 minutes

You are able to add addiotinal 5-minute increments for $0.60 each BEFORE start cycle ends

Experience Convenience, Safety, and Modernity

Laundry Revolution: Wash, Dry, and Go

Enjoy the convenience of a clean and safe laundromat environment, with attentive staff, ample space, and 24-hour surveillance.

Discover Our New Washers and Dryers

Our brand-new Electrolux washers and dryers are game-changers. With the capacity to handle multiple loads – up to 8 in our largest machine – laundry day just got a whole lot easier. Plus, our washers feature high-spin water extraction tech, meaning less time and money spent on drying. And rest assured, our machines are virus-control certified, with a sanitizing pre-rinse for extra cleanliness.

Experience a Clean and Safe Laundromat

At Laundry Genius, we prioritize your safety and comfort. Our well-lit store has wide aisles and plenty of folding tables, making laundry a breeze for you and your family. And with 24-hour surveillance, you can feel secure during your visit.

Enjoy Modern Convenience

No more scrambling for quarters – our coinless machines accept cash or card. Check availability on your phone, get text notifications, and take advantage of our efficient 450G spin cycle, which means less drying time and more time for you.

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